2022 PKB User Group

Friday 17th June 2022

10am - 12noon

Paediatric User Group

Thank you to all the participants who attended our June PKB User Group (PUG) where we focussed the discussions around the use of PKB with Paediatric teams and their patients.

Representatives attended from:

Paediatric Epilepsy Team at Sherwood Forest Hospital, Nottingham

Paediatric Epilepsy team, Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Imperial College Hospital, North West London

The purpose of the event was to bring teams together to share learning and discuss best practice. It was a really useful discussion to find out what was working well with their patients and what needed further thought and planning.

Areas of discussion:



Sharing test results

Project resources

Patient and carer registration


More information:

Find out more about the work the Epilepsy Teams are doing here.