Mental Health Consultation Templates

Have a look through the templates and let your Success PM know which one your team wants to use with their patients. Any of the consultations in this section can be adapted to suit your patient cohort.

Key objectives

To use PKB to facilitate remote communication and monitoring with patients.

Outcome measures

To equip patients with a tool to support self-management of their health and wellbeing, as well as providing a facility to interact digitally rather than relying on a face to face consultation.

Current Baselines

All activity is face to face, patients are travelling large distances, and their follow-ups aren’t being efficiently, or effectively managed.


  1. Team: send patient consultation

  2. PKB: notifies the patient of the consultation

  3. Patient: completes consultation and submits to the team for review

  4. PKB: notifies the team, the consultation has been completed

  5. Team: review in appointments along with other data in the record

Depression Programme Consultation Template

About Your Mental Health Consultation Template