Telephone Services (e.g. NHS 111)

PKB configuration

  1. Set up an organisation umbrella team, with a relevant sub team for the for the telephone support staff e.g. your regional 111 staff. Create all records under the organisation follow these protocols so the records are ready for professionals to access.

  2. Register the coordinator, and have the coordinator register professional users who will deal directly with the patients.

  3. Set up the default access rights to be no access to any privacy labels (meaning this team can see no data).

  4. When a patient rings, the professionals can find the patient's record in PKB using the national identifier of the patient. If the record does not exist, do not create one, this is not a suitable patient register over the phone. If it does and the patient has not yet registered, manually add their email following this protocol.

  5. Add the predetermined care plan from the care plan template that matches the advice you gave the patient over the phone.

  6. Ask the patient if they received a message from PKB about the new care plan. This will arrive even if the patient has not registered and is another confirmation that the system is working for the patient.

Clinical Protocol

Advise on how PKB and telephone clinics can be used to support clinical delivery of care is outline below:

More generalised advise of how PKB features and functionality can be used to deliver remote routinised (business as usual) care can be found here.