MedMij is the standard in the Netherlands for the secure exchange of health data between care users and care providers. CarePoint's integration with PKB meeds MedMij’s criteria and is available to users of PKB working with providers in the Netherlands.


By complying with MedMij's criteria, CarePoint provides full PGO (Dutch patient-health record) functionality to request copies of their data from Dutch providers. Users of CarePoint's PGO get PGO+ functionality from PKB including:

  • data pushed to the patient's PKB record as soon as it arrives rather than waiting for the patient to request data

  • online consultations with clinicians

  • symptom tracking and device integrations

  • shared care plans with instructions for self-assessment and self-tracking

Registration protocol

  • PKB customers should invite patients to register to PKB as part of the customer's identity verification process. The identity verification means the patient can share their record with other professionals and other professionals are confident they are consulting with a patient whose identity was formally verified.

  • The patient can link their PKB account to CarePoint MedMij. If the patient is not logged in, they will have to enter their PKB username and password then click "Opslaan" to authorise.

  • The CarePoint - MedMij team will appear in the patient's sharing tab

  • The patient clicks the "Gegenvens verzamelen" button to receive their data from MedMij

  • The patient enters their MedMij credentials to authorise CarePoint to pull the patient's data and store it in the PKB record.

The patient must do these steps any time want more data from MedMij, i.e. the patient must log into PKB, log into MedMij, and request data from CarePoint.

Data from the organisation feeding directly into PKB through HL7 messages gets pushed to the patient without the patient needing to log in. And the patient can see the data by logging into PKB (without logging into MedMij ).