Coordinator Functionalities

The team Coordinator is responsible for performing 4 key tasks within the team:

  • Adding patients

  • Adding and deactivating coordinators and professionals

  • Resetting passwords for patients and team members

  • Adding content - care plans and library links

This role is usually held by a member of the administrator of the team.

Patients tab

  • Invite patient - Invites a patient to the team, will create a record for the patient unless the identifiers are already in use - in which case the patient will receive an invitation to join this team (and the patient will appear underneath the activated patient list until they accept).

  • Add many patients - Invites multiple patients to the team using a CSV file populated with patient details, this function will create records for all the patients unless the identifiers are already in use - in which case the patient will receive an invitation to join this team.

  • View list of patients invited who have accounts with other teams - Patients who have activated accounts created by other teams who have subsequently been invited by the current team, will appear under the 'to activate' list below the activated patients list.

  • Search for an activated patient by name or DOB or hit 'Go' to view list of 50 patients.

  • Edit an activated patient's demographic details.

  • Remind a patient to register - Will send a reminder email to patient, asking them to register.

  • Add professional to a patient's record - Invite a professional (outside of team) to a patient's record.

  • Reset a patient's password - Will send a password reset email to the patient.

  • Add carer to a patient's record.

  • Assign other teams within your organisation to a patient.

  • View list of patients that need activating - Unactivated patients are patients who have created their own accounts, and will therefore need activating by a clinical team (identification takes place and identifier (NHS/MRN/Team) needs to be added to the record.

  • Activate a patient - Coordinators can activate a patient account and record this here, entering the identifiers for that patient.

  • Enter patient's e-mail to an unregistered patient.

  • Resend confirmation email to a partly registered patient.

  • Remind to register an unregistered patient.

Professionals tab

  • Invite professional - Invite a professional to the team.

  • Add many professionals - Add multiple professionals at once using a CSV file.

  • Contact Preferences - Select which professionals are contactable in the team.

  • Deactivate a professional account - This will discharge the professional from the current team - the discharged professional will no longer have access to the current teams patients.

  • Reset a fellow professional's password.

  • Activate accounts for previous professionals - Reactivate the team's previously deactivated professional account.

Coordinators tab

  • Add coordinator - click button to invite other coordinators. Name and email. Registration email will be sent to invited coordinator.

  • Remind a coordinator to register - If coordinator has not registered the remind link will send another registration email to invited coordinator. Status will show created.

  • Edit a coordinator e-mail - Click to change the email of an invited but unregistered coordinator.

  • Deactivate - This will discharge the co-ordinator from the current team - the discharged co-ordinator will no longer have access to their PKB Co-ordinator account for this team.

Institution tab

  • Enter a 'Welcome to Patient' message - Enter a customised message on patients' home pages.

  • Enter 'Information about your team' - This text will appear next to your organisation logo when patients view you in the 'Sharing' section of their records.

  • Enter a 'Footer for email messages' - this can be entered in plan text or HTML format, and will appear at the bottom of every email notification PKB sends to patients.

  • Enter a 'Welcome to professional' message - Enter a customised message on professionals' home pages.

  • Check ' send symptoms reminders' box - Check this to send daily emails to patients to remind them to update their symptoms. Please note patients can opt out of these emails.

  • Get the REST API Access Token - For configuration of REST API integration.

  • Select additional consent Questions to display - Ticking these boxes asks patients for additional consents and how they want to be contacted (Contact by email, SMS, post, Contact for research, storage and use of clinical samples).

Plans tab

  • Add plan template - Create customisable care plans templates to be used by professionals and patients. Care plans can contain videos, questionnaires, text, measurements, lab results, symptoms and attachments.

  • Edit a care plan template - Edit existing care plan templates.

  • Duplicate a care plan template - Click duplicate to create a copy of that care plan template.

  • Export a care plan data - Click export to export care plan responses from patients to professionals.

  • Delete a care plan template - Click to delete the care plan template. All care plans that are already saved by professionals and patients will not be deleted. Deleting care plan templates will remove that template from being used from that time on by professionals and patients.

  • View a care plan template - Click on the name of the care plan template to view it in the coordinator portal.

Statistics tab

  • View weekly usage statistics - Shows number of patients and professionals invited and activated each week. Shows number of messages and HL7 sent each week. The numbers in parentheses show the total number since the site went live.

Consultations tab

  • Send consultation - Send a consultation to all patients.

  • Download export of consultation data - Download export of consultation data in spreadsheet format.

  • Select anonymise for consultation data - Select what identifiers should appear in export of consultation data. Select 'with NHS number', with 'Organization level IDs', with 'Both' anonymise for consultation data.

Symptoms tab

  • Edit the symptom's list - Select which symptoms you wish to appear on patients' homepages to monitor.

  • Stop tracking symptoms - Clear symptom tracking settings.

  • Order the symptom's list - Select what order you would like team symptoms to appear on patients symptom list

  • Weighting - Used to make certain symptoms trigger the alarms more quickly than others.

  • Amber/Red Threshold - The values at which alarms will be triggered for professionals and patients.

Library tab

  • Create link - Adds a link to the team Library.

  • Create folder - Creates a new folder for the team library.

  • Upload file - Adds a file to the team library.

  • Delete a link - Removes a link from the team library.

  • Organise folders - Drag and drop to reorganise the order of the folders.

My Account button

  • Update your profile - Includes demographics such as Name, Gender, Address, etc... Go here to edit profile. To save any changes, input your password.

  • Set up a new password - Click to change password and update security question.

For further information and a how to guide please see our Manual site.