Outcomes and Business Case

It is important to consider how to evaluate your service's use of PKB right from the beginning of the project as you state your objectives and measures for success in the Project Initiation Document. By mapping out the patient journey and determining how PKB will fit into your workflow you can begin to notice efficiency savings, where money or time has been saved by moving from your previous workflow to one incorporating PKB.

Your use of PKB may aim to reduce appointment "Did not Attend" rates, reduce emergency admissions, use care planning with more patients, or reach geographically disparate populations. Producing metrics around these objectives will allow you to collate data and evaluate the introduction of PKB into your service. This will allow you to adapt your usage and produce the business case for it's continued funding.

Case studies, indicating how our existing deployments have gathered and presented these outcomes are available on our main website and may be useful in giving you ideas on how best to evaluate your organisation's use of PKB.