PRT Welcome Message

When patients log into PKB, there is the functionality for the organisation to add a greeting/welcome message for the patients created in the organisation's patient record team (PRT). The welcome message in PKB can be edited through the PRT coordinator role and updated at any time. This message is displayed on the home page of the patient's record and can contain important information about the trust/organisation and can link to different parts of the patient's PKB record or trust website.

Key feature

PKB offers a wide variety of features for trusts to use with their patients, you may choose to focus on certain features in the trust's PRT welcome message (for example have a link to the test results section or how to message the organisation or create a care plan).

This is not an emergency service

The PKB messaging and events section is a convenient way for patients to contact teams at a time that best suits them, however, it can be useful to set an expected response time so that patients understand that messages will not get checked in a contemporaneous manner and that they may need to wait a couple of days.

Example welcome messages

Welcome to Your PKB record.

Your PKB Record is a secure online space to access your health and care information. Here you will be able to manage your information and share it with people who will need it to help care for you. You will receive all tests results, clinic, discharge and appointment letters via your PKB portal. There is a central library with resources about the trust and your record, please click here for more information.

For urgent medical care or advice call NHS 111. In case of serious injury or illness which may be life-threatening, call 999. Your care professionals may also have given you advice on what to do in an emergency.

Welcome message

Please note that a patient will only see the welcome message of the first team they are invited to, so if a patient is part of multiple teams they will not see the welcome messages from any subsequent teams. Speciality teams are encouraged to use the "Information about the Team" which is also editable via the Coordinator account under the Institution tab. Any information written here is then seen by the patient under their sharing section when they click on a particular team they are part of.

Adding a weblink to your welcome message

If you want to create a weblink in your welcome message you will need to use the follow HTML code

<a href="URL>TEXTYOUWANT</a>

Where you should replace the following:

  • URL- this should be the web address for the site or page you want to link to e.g.

  • TEXTYOUWANT- this should be the text you want to form the link e.g. click here for more information

So in full your welcome message might say:

There a lot of resources on the Asthma UK website which you may want to refer to, click here for more information

Which will be coded as:

There a lot of resources on the Asthma UK website which you may want to refer to, <a href=">click here for more information</a>