Submitting a Help Desk Ticket

Users can submit a help desk ticket

By emailing by submitting a ticket via the contact form on our website.

The ticket submission page gives the minimum requirements for the ticket but if something is clearly a development error/bug the following is useful.

Bugs or errors come with support codes and the user is prompted to tell us about them when they come up- on the error screen there is a link to submit a new ticket and copy and paste in the info on the screen.

It is important that the user does not send any sensitive information such as passwords, diagnoses or any clinical information

Beyond that the following should be supplied

  1. The Device you are using - The more specific the better but just PC or Mac will do! Examples might be - PC - Lenovo i.7 / iPad Air 2 / iPhone 6+ etc

  2. The Browser you are using - Internet Explorer 7, Firefox etc

  3. The URL of the page(s) you found the bug/issue (including whether this was on UAT, sandbox or production/live)

  4. The log in credentials of the user you were logged in as so we can access the URL (only for UAT sites, not live as these will have sensitive data in them)

  5. The steps you took to get to the issue

    • Log in

    • Went to discussions

    • Pressed - send message

    • HIT BUG!

  6. What you were expecting to see (i.e I was expecting it to open up a new message template)

  7. A screenshot if possible (blocking out any sensitive info)