Inviting patients to the portal

To see data in PKB, a user must register first. The registration process includes verifying the identity of the user i.e. that the email address belongs to the person who is supposed to have access to the records.

Creating records and populating them precedes inviting patients. Patients rightly expect to see their information when they sign-up to a patient portal. Once the records have been created and data feeds established, registrations should immediately follow. There are a large number of options here. We will work with your delivery team to ensure most of the following invitation opportunities are used by the Organisation.

What's included:

  • Mass Registration: an effective way to ensure all patients are informed and invited to register to their PKB record. There are many ways this can be achieved, mass letters, SMS, and Kiosk Check In.

  • Face to face registration: registering patients as staff have direct interaction with them, either via reception teams, clinical teams or patient groups.

  • Professionals as Patients: An easy big win is inviting professionals who have seen their own health data in PKB and are enthusiastic about explaining the benefits to patients of registering.

  • Self Registration Page: Clinical teams with self-referral pathways can benefit from what?

  • NHS Login: An easy way for patients to register for PKB with identity verification through NHS login - without needing an invitation to register by going to hospital or receiving a letter.

  • Carers: play a key role in supporting patients who may not be able to access their record or do not wish to access their record. Carers can support both adults and children. Includes a step by step guide on how to add a parent or guardian.

Additional Information

  • Email notifications: what send notifications PKB sent to users via email when there is an activity in their account

  • Exclusion Criteria: considerations on how to register patients with safeguarding concerns, meanwhile sending all data for all patients