PKB’s Call Patient Feature

Using PKB’s Call Patient feature

1. Check that the patient has a skype ID. To do this, search for the patient, select them and then click ‘Edit Demographics’

Look to see if they have a username entered in the Skype ID field.

If they do not, one must be added before the consultation can take place. You can enter it yourself if you know it or can contact the patient for them to add this in.

Coordinators are also able to add this - once they search for the patient they need to click ‘Edit’ to see the patient’s demographics and can then add in the Skype ID.

Once the Skype ID has been added, remember to scroll to the bottom of the page, enter your password and save the changes

2. Both the professional and the patient must have Skype downloaded on their respective devices, and have it open at the time of the scheduled consultation.

3. When ready to start the consultation, the professional should log in and go to the ‘Messages’ page

4. Click ‘Call Patient’

5. Select the patient from the drop down list, enter the subject and background notes before the call. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click ‘Start’

6. Click ‘Start Skype call’

This will launch Skype on your device. You may get some pop ups from your browser asking you to confirm you want to launch Skype - you should select yes. If the ‘Start Skype call’ button does not display, the patient does not have a Skype ID saved in their PKB record.

7. Once Skype has launched, you can commence the consultation.

You can use the ‘Document your consultation’ box in PKB to add any notes throughout the consultation. Once the consultation is completed, you can press ‘Send.’ This will send the notes you have taken to the patient, and can be viewed in the Messages section of PKB.