Introduction to Project Management Software and Teamwork

Sometimes called PPM (Project Portfolio Management) or PMIS (Project Management Information System), there are at least 130 on the market and many free options too.

PKB use Teamwork because it's optimised for collaboration. This means PKB can work together with our customers by creating project spaces that can also be contributed to by the relevant individuals from our customer sites and partners, allowing full transparency and tight teamworking at no extra cost.


We recognise that our customers have varying needs and expectations for project management. Many customers will have their own project management software, project plans and require our PKB Success team to contribute to that plan.

Others completely rely on our Teamwork project plan to be the source of truth. We will always create an internal project space for every deployment for our own internal records and can 'dial up' or 'dial down' the level of collaboration on this plan depending on the needs of our customer.

We will define our approach with you as a customer during the early initiation period of the project.

Teamwork Highlights

  • Simplicity - You do not need training or to become an expert user to use Teamwork with us. PKB Success Project Managers can explain any features, however most of it is self-explanatory. Tasks are displayed in simple checklists and every task can hold simple to use comment thread for discussion.

  • Planning - The work is generally broken down into phases (Pre-contract, Go-live, Embedding) that give a high level expected timeframe for delivery. Each phase is broken down into the 8 core workstreams. In this way, project teams interested in the whole plan can see the big picture, whereas specialists focussing only on a certain workstream can easily find the work relevant for them also.

  • Reporting - Gantt chart exports, tasklist reports and total project reports detailing every milestone, task, comment and estimated times are available.

  • Commenting - Comment threads can be started for every task and subtask, allowing quick and easy discussion and collaboration that will be easily accessible at a later date.

Mobile app

The Teamwork mobile app can be used to perform most but all features that you find on the web. It can be useful to quickly read and respond to a comment, or add a task if it comes to mind.

Help pages

Please note that Teamwork's own manual will be the most accurate and up to date resource for using its features. Please try to use this first and then this wiki before asking questions, but the PMO is always happy to help answer directly too if you're unable to find an answer online.