NHS Login


PKB identity verification through NHS login - patients can register for a PKB record without needing to verify identity by going to the hospital or receiving a letter.

Single sign-on from NHS login - so patients no longer need to enter their PKB credentials to see their PKB record.

Linkage for NHS App including phone biometrics - so users no longer need to enter a password to log into the NHS App and see their PKB record.

Patient usage

Any patient can use the NHS login to register and log into PKB. This works in the NHS App and on the PKB website. It works for patients whose record was created by a PKB customer, or for anyone who wants to make a record for themselves and use PKB without waiting for their local medical team.

NHS login is available across all of PKB's UK pages (above), including those customised for customers (below).

Self referral & registration

Each team has it's on team registration page. On our UK server, this page has a button to register using NHS login. Patients will be able to use their NHS login to verify their identity and register for a PKB record.

Click here to read more about the benefits of sharing your team registration pages with your patients.