Dermatology Teams

Patients Know Best (PKB), a digital personal health record is used by dermatology teams in many different ways with their patients to improve pathways and giving them access to their data. When thinking about using PKB in your team, it's important to have clear, achievable goals that will bring change to the current patient and clinical pathways.

Goals included benefits such as better patient engagement and access to information materials including letters, care plans, a library of resources, secure messaging and personal clinical data such as test results, tracking symptoms and measurements.

Key features

  • Dynamic care plans for patients to track and record symptoms and measurements

  • Secure messaging for professionals and patients

  • Patients receive blood results into the record

  • cardiac teams have the ability to see data from other care providers using PKB

Example goal for using PKB

  • Systemic patients normally have blood results four times a year. With the introduction of PKB patients will only be seen once a year due to them being sent all four blood forms for the year and patients messaging the team with their results in order for them to obtain their repeat prescriptions.

Dermatology self-care workflow

Dermatology teams sign up patients and provide guidance on how to manage their condition in a digital pathway, library links are provided within the record to guide patients on an ongoing basis.

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