Comms Toolkit

Enabling our customers to run local communication campaigns to support registration and usage of Patients Know Best

Welcome to the Patients Know Best communications toolkit

This communications toolkit has been designed as one of the deploy workstreams to support our customers to make Patients Know Best or ‘PKB’ visible across your organisation, partnerships and patient populations, as part of the local implementation of the service. This is a key element of the deployment when records have been created, data is integrated into records and patients can register to claim their PKB record.

The information, tools and templates in this toolkit will help you deliver a successful campaign message and support you to make the best use of the communication channels and resources available to you. The information and materials within this toolkit are therefore aimed at:

What's included in this toolkit:

Who is this toolkit for?

This toolkit is for anyone responsible for running a communications campaign in health and care provider organisations, with the aim of engaging patients and professionals with the implementation, registration and usage of PKB.

While the campaign is ultimately a communications function, a successful campaign thrives off the support of fully engaged leadership teams. This can be the difference between success and failure. A campaign that is clinically led and is also driven by the CEO who recognises the value of digital transformation, provides the gravitas needed to win over your target audience - in this case, employees and patients.

Collaboration is key

PKB is a borderless system, capable of pulling together and sharing data from across the sectors. For this reason, it’s a good idea to adopt a cross-sector approach, particularly where regional deployments are concerned.

By working in collaboration with communication teams from partnership organisations, you can secure the widest reach and generate awareness across your patient population. This is also the most cost effective way of communicating with your target audience. To achieve this, early engagement and leadership support at board level is key.

How should I use this toolkit?

The first time you use these tools might be when you are asked to introduce PKB to your organisation. However, we would recommend using these tools to plan a longer engagement campaign. As such, we have structured the toolkit to take you through the whole campaign planning process.

All the pages in this section are designed to provide insights and ideas, to help deliver a local campaign that is right for your organisation and your community. It looks at how to generate awareness for employees before ‘go-live’, and how to make the process attractive and accessible for patients and carers through roll-out, and after with post-registration support.

This toolkit has been developed from our experience of working with providers to implement PHRs over the last decade. This information should be used as intended - a guide that can be tailored to suit the requirements of individual deployments.

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