Ask the CEO Anything

During our Ask the CEO Anything session there were a number of questions that he was unable to get to due to time constraints. Read below the ones you may have missed

Question: Are there any long term plans to integrate/API PKB with educational datasets as well as social care datasets? This would be a further game changer in my mind. Many of our health outcomes and information sharing is around finding out school attendance and attainment. Also many of our care plans require sharing or co-creating with educational settings.


  1. Definitely agree this is useful;

  2. Already possible for school staff to use PKB outside of N3 network / NHS infrastructure (with correct permissions of course) e.g. to see an asthma care plan to know what to do for the child;

  3. But also shared editing e.g. we have an EHCP care plan template if anyone wants to use it;

  4. We have sites that track days off school manually, not integrated with school and social care data sets yet but lots that can be done immediately without integration;

  5. Existing Servelec Social care integration in London .

Question: What's the next big ticket developments for PKB to tackle? is there a roadmap?

Response: FHIR is the big ticket -

Question: In Sussex we’ve identified practitioner experience as a really key part in driving take up of things like PIFU, and we know that practitioners like things that are single sign on and presented in context - what is PKB’s advice on approaches to achieving that?


  • Completely agree;

  • TPP SSO out of the box free of charge, EMIS also out of the box but EMIS charge;

  • SSO via OAuth available to all IT departments and used in e.g. Cerner and RiO;

  • We also wanted to make data available into EPRs via APIs e.g. questionnaires for PIFU now.

Question: We have been working on SSO at HUTH but have found that PKB allows you to move to different patients which is deemed as a clinical risk within HUTH. Is this something PKB can look at as we are keen to progress SSO? Also are there any plans in the future to look at scheduling so we can automatically send out questionnaires and care plans without manual intervention?

Response: We would appreciate further discussion of the SSO point and formally assess the scenarios in which it presents a clinical risk.

For questionnaires and care plans - automation from outside PKB (triggered by source system) will be available in API being released this quarter (Q3 2021).