Training ToolKit

Creating in-house PKB experts

We know that healthcare professionals drive the success of a patient portal. For a patient, their care team telling them about PKB is a more powerful message than one we can ever give. We are lucky to work with incredible, visionary healthcare professionals as customers and many of whom have become colleagues, who use our system and guide us to improve it. The training workstream is where we plan and deliver our commitment to training these users, via in-person sessions, online sessions, providing a train-the-trainer model, or with our free online resource for testing knowledge and which can be used as a reference in the future.

Organisation Training Team

PKB will train the Organisations Training Team/Trainer on all aspects of PKB, walking them through the Organisation and team set ups and giving them a deep dive into each of the roles in PKB. This will take place during the four hours of training sessions provided by the PKB Success Project Manager, two hours in the first week after the Clinical transformation workstream kick-off and two in the second week.

PKB Success project manager will support the Training Team/Trainer with the first training sessions for the Organisation Admin Team and the Patient Record Team coordinators.

Wider training for professionals, the user type who views and interacts with patient records and administered teams will be trained by the training team/trainer, supported by our online manual, FAQs, videos and PKB's free online training tool Lessonly.

What's included in this toolkit: