Rapid Deployment Response


In urgent situations key decisions need to be made quickly. This deployment approach is designed to guide organisations in using PKB in a very specific way, to be able to respond to a health crisis effectively. It removes various scoping tasks, as certain key decisions must be made for a PKB rollout to be effective in this situation at speed and scale.

As it's designed to be used at speed, it contains only key tasks so delivery teams can understand the steps quickly and take action.. PKB offers remote project management via our free cloud based system, your Success Team member will be able to guide you through the entire implementation process.

The general implementation approach PKB adopts is both well established and fully documented, with various resources to guide our customers shared publicly on our main deploy website - https://deploy.patientsknowbest.com/

Key Crisis Response Considerations

PKB can be used for a wide variety of purposes and generally, we explore options and design localised pathways over a period of planning. However, at this crucial time we are specifying and recommending key features that will allow you to immediately support COVID-19 management. We would also advise having these in place ahead of inviting your patients where relevant.

They are:

To achieve this we still must focus on all of our core deployment work streams, but in a focussed and specific manner.

Workstream - Information Governance

We have in house experts who can work with your IG team immediately, and share extensive information online to guide our customers through the process. IG efforts can run in parallel to the initiation of a deployment and do not need to cause a delay in these circumstances. The documentation requires your internal IG team to sign off and we have our IG team available to support on calls to discuss as required, We would advise prioritising this with the aim to achieve sign off in the initial week.

Workstream - Record Creation and Integrations

Patients Know Best is a cloud-based solution, relying on no user-side infrastructure or download for health professionals or patients. We can create your PKB environment and create all patient records en masse (via a CSV extract, often from your PAS/EPR) immediately upon project initiation. Alongside this we would suggest immediate integration work to allow test results and appointments to flow to PKB and to continually create new patient records ready for registration (circa 2 weeks with appropriate and ringfenced I.T resource trust-side) - again which your team can get a head start on as we publish our open APIs and our data model online.

An overview page of integrating test results and appointment data can be found here.

Workstream - Registrations

The options recommended in priority order are:

  1. Email invitations en masse (free and immediate)

  2. Adding email invitations via telephone clinics (free and immediate)

  3. SMS invitation

  4. Letter invitation

A detailed overview of each of the above registration options can be found here.

Workstream - Communications

We recognise the value of clear and effective communications and will work with you to establish a consistent message for how you are responding to COVID-19 with a remote care approach, PKB can also send out a mass mailshot to your patients (on your behalf and written from your organisation) to inform them an invitation is coming, we have this templated and ready to be sent subject to your internal sign off. A website homepage update would be needed alongside various other channels as required. The more comms you are able to do, the higher the uptake but we advise a message on your website as the minimum.

Workstream - Training

Training packages are available immediately, we offer live and recorded webinars when delivering at speed and scale, as well as developing your own in-house experts via superuser/ train-the-trainer model. Due to the current situation, all training will be delivered remotely via online training tools.

We will train a small core group of foundational administrator users who we support in establishing the PKB environments for each department. From there each team has a co-ordinator user who has the ability to customise team-specific resources (care plans, library content and consultations/questionnaires). Wider professional training is administered by the new in house super-users, supported by our online manual, FAQ, videos and free online training tool Lessonly.

More Information

More key information around the key methods of utilising PKB in a health crisis can be found on the emergency planning wiki homepage.

Please contact the PKB team for any further information at enquiries@patientsknowbest.com