PKB software tracks usage. We make these statistics available to customers so that they can monitor adoption of the service.

Statistical Data and Reports

Every week, your PKB Success project manager will send a report of your progress with patients. You can have real-time access to these reports by providing your Success project manager with an email address linked to a Google account. You can create a Google account using your work email address. Once you have done so, your Success project manager will give you access to a number of reports including the weekly project report. Instructions on how to use the statsreports are on the PKB manual.

Patient registrations

Patient creation and registration, registration pathways, demographic information by organisation or speciality team.

Weekly active

To see patient activity trends each week.

Data types details

The number of account professionals are accessing per week, colour coded by the given data type.

Documents read

The number of documents sent to patients PKB record and how many are read by registered patients.