EMIS Deployment Process

At Patients Know Best (PKB) it is important for our customers to understand the steps involved for the implementation of EMIS Extract Services (ES) and/or EMIS Single Sign On (SSO). We have created a simple task-list of what is generally involved in this kind of deployment process and this is shared with the institution via our on-line project management tool.

You can also see this in diagrammatic form at the end of this page.

1) EMIS ES and/or EMIS SSO Prerequisites Checklist

2) EMIS ES and/or EMIS SSO Start Up Activities - Week 1

  • Initial Communication: On request for EMIS ES and/or EMIS SSO, the customer will be provided all the relevant documentation formally in an email prior to a Kick off Meeting. This will include:

  • Kick Off Meeting: On receipt of the Initial Communication, the customer and their Success Team Member will gather and check the GP practice(s) information collated and discuss the implementation process. The Project Initiation Document (PID) will be updated to reflect this integration and initial Objectives and Objective Outcome measures to track success (Benefits).

    • Costs: PKB have to pay EMIS per site for activating both EMIS ES and EMIS SSO. Unless this is already factored into your current contract then the Success Team Member will advise the customer of any additional costs prior to processing your request.

  • Implementation Approval: PKB will formally seek the customer's approval before submitting the request to EMIS.

  • Request to EMIS: PKB will re-check the information gathered and then process the request for EMIS ES and/or EMIS SSO on behalf of the customer.

  • Pre-config Meeting Checks: When the request has been processed the Success Team Member will arrange a final meeting to discuss:

    • The timeline of implementation (if known).

    • Review the technical instructions for switching on EMIS ES and/or using EMIS SSO with PKB.

    • Revise any information amendments to the PID, focusing on the Objectives and Objective Outcomes measures to track success (Benefits)

3) Configuration Steps - Week 1-3

  • The EMIS ES and/or EMIS SSO process from request to activation could take up to three weeks depending on EMIS. Two significant steps need to be completed by PKB and EMIS during this time ready for Go Live.

    • Backend Configuration: PKB will map the GP practices PKB site to the NACS code (or EMIS ID) in preparation for receiving the EMIS Extract data for your instance of PKB.

    • Frontend Configuration: Frontend configurations will need to be done by EMIS before the GP Practice switches on EMIS ES and/or uses EMIS SSO.

      • EMIS ES: EMIS will contact PKB (and GP Practice) once the digital ISA has been made available in EMIS Web.

      • EMIS SSO: EMIS will contact PKB (and GP Practice) once EMIS SSO is available in EMIS Web.

4) Go Live - Week 3-4

  • Go Live Final Config: The Success Team Member will contact the customer and/or GP practice when they are able activate the digital ISA to turn on the EMIS ES and/or use EMIS SSO. The Success Team Member will have informed the customer how to do this during your Pre-config Meeting Checks. However, support will be provided if necessary.

  • Follow Up Meeting(s): As standard the Success Team Member will follow up to monitor progress. The frequency and purpose will be dependant on customer and also their Objectives set out in PID.