Carers for Adults on PKB

It is important that all of your patients have their records created on PKB. This includes any that for whatever reason may not be able to, or may not wish to, access their record themselves. It also includes adults with safeguarding flags as these are the ones who may most need their data to be shared between clinicians. There is a separate page about registering children and their carers.

Storage: all patients

Create all the records for all patients (do not exclude if they are under safeguarding or considered to not have capacity, the record must be there for other professionals to see). These records can be created via CSV upload or HL7 feed.

Access: set up professionals

Ensure that all of your professionals are added to your organisation’s umbrella/patient records team with zero access this can be done easily via a CSV upload - instructions for this are here

Registering carers

It is also important to register carers with their own patient record in PKB. If you don't, someone else might set up a separate account for the health of the carer, and the carer has to manage one login as a patient and another as a carer. It is efficient to use the identity verification process of the carer to also verify their identity as a patient. And a carer is better able to engage as a carer is they can also manage their own health as a patient on PKB.

If already registered in PKB, add them as a carer

If not yet registered, add the email address to their record, then add them as a carer

If there is no record in PKB when you search for the carer, create their record in the umbrella team for your organisation. Then add them to the patient's record as a carer.