Sexual Health Minor Procedures

Aim: To provide informed consent care plans to patients in advance of the treatment appointment.

Workflow with PKB:

The administrator of the team, calls the patient inviting them to a clinical appointment, and checks patient has registered with their PKB record.

The appointment is sent to the patient's PKB record, followed by the informed consent care plan which the patient completes at home before the appointment.

Care Plan contains:

  • Information on how to complete it

  • Pre collective information

  • Preparations they need to take before the appointment

  • Informed consent

  • Video with details of the procedure

  • And yes no section for patients to click through and save


  • Healthcare professional goes into the patient's PKB record and reviews answers in the care plan

  • Healthcare professional has reduced appointments from 30 to 20 minutes

  • Patients are informed and know what is going to happen during the appointment and any side effects they may have following the appointment

Appointment types where an informed consent care plan can be used