Team Self Registration


Your team can allow patients to register and add themselves to your team. When a patient adds themselves to your team, they can access vital resources that you choose to share, such as consultation and plan templates, as well as the useful information in your team's library such as documents, videos & signposting links.

This is useful for:

  • self-referral services such as maternity and physiotherapy

  • super specialist services speeding up diagnosis by being more accessible to patients with unexplained syndromes

  • private practitioners recruiting and onboarding new customers

  • disease charities making information freely available

  • researchers enrolling patients in trials


The PKB platform automatically creates a web page for each team with the URL For example, on the UK server the torbay physiotherapy team has the page

On the EU server the CarePoint MedMij team has the page

The UK web pages' registration button is an NHS login one i.e. it ensures that newly registering patients verify their identity with the NHS login.

Existing PKB users can click the "Share" button to link their PKB record to your team using their PKB login. UK users can also use their NHS login to link their PKB record to your team.


You should link to your PKB team page from your department's web page. Your department's web page can provide:

  • full information about your service (e.g. at what stage a woman can self-refer for maternity)

  • what you offer (e.g. free information about the disease for a charity)

  • what you need the patient to do (e.g. a questionnaire for physiotherapy patients)

  • what the patient is agreeing to (e.g. consent for a research trial)

To start using this, ask your PKB success team project manager to provide you with the link for your team.