FAQ's For Support Staff

PKB has it's own dedicated helpdesk available by emailing no-reply-uk@patientsknowbest.com or submitting a ticket. Our customers are the first line of contact in the support process. Using their own service desk, they monitor and address queries from organisation staff and patients. Second line technical support queries are handled by the PKB support team. Below is a summary of the most common enquiries reported to our support desk with standard responses and information required to address the query.

Below is a summary of the most common enquiries reported to our helpdesk with standard responses and information required to address the query.

Issues logging in

  • If a patient states they cannot log in we need to work out:

    1. Have they forgotten their password?

    2. Have they tried manual reset?


Sorry to hear that you are having trouble logging into your patient record.

Have you tried the manual reset option? https://my.patientsknowbest.com/forgotPasswordForm.action

I have also copied our password criteria below in case this helps to jog your memory:

  • 10 or more characters long.

  • Contain at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, one special character and one number.

  • Valid special characters: !"#$%&'*+,-.\:;<=>?@[]^_`{|}~

If your security information is not being accepted, a coordinator from your hospital team will need to reset this for you. Please could you let me know which hospital you are under the care of?

I look forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes,

Privacy query

  • Useful text to explain in more detail our privacy model and requisite accreditations and standards

  • Useful if someone says they do not wish to participate with the system on the grounds of thinking it is insecure


Thank you for your recent email, it's always a pleasure to discuss privacy and is a topic we care deeply about. I have included some general information below regarding our privacy policies, however if you have further questions please do let me know.

When a user registers, they are asked to accept the user agreement:


Which in turn mentions our privacy policy:


Briefly, as the privacy policy mentions, we are registered with the UK's ICO and comply with the DPA for EEA patients. All our UK customer data are hosted in a UK NHS N3 data centre and we do not transfer the data outside the EEA. Note that you, the patient, may still copy your data or give consent for the viewing of the data, by a third party outside of the EEA, e.g. a US physician. But that would be under your consent and control.

Regarding the security of the data, we host UK data in a secure NHS N3 data centre, to ISO 27001 standard. We also encrypt each patient's record with a unique public key, and only the patient – and the people the patient chooses – have the key with which to decrypt the record. No third parties (including PKB) have access to that decryption key so none of them can access a patient's data without that patient's permission.

I do hope the information provided is helpful and please do let me know if you have any further queries.

Kind regards,

Patient wanting to update their demographics

  • Earlier this year we locked down some of the demographic sections so patients cannot edit

  • This response links to a blog explaining why and the new workflow they should follow

Dear {name},

To change your demographic profile, you will need to contact your clinical team to have them change it for you. We have this feature because verification is an important part of our process to ensure that all medical data including messages and lab tests are being sent to verified individuals. We have a blog to help explain in more details.

To do so, please log onto your PKB record, click on 'Events and Messages' to send a message to your clinicians to have them update your profile.

Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.

Details needed for developer investigation

  • This is the kind of information we should try to gather each time an error is hit to maximally assist the developers and limit back and forth information gathering

PKB Account: Carer, Patient, Clinician, or Coordinator

Environment: Sandbox or PROD

Device: Tablet or Computer? iOS or Android? if computer, what browser? (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari)


Support code (if any):

Time and day of error:

PKB private ID or email address of requestor: