Weekly Project Reports


PKB Success Project Managers will send their customer project managers and other selected recipients a weekly deployment report outlining key project details and updates to ensure alignment with customer plans, expectations and to provide a regular history of progress.


Project details

Complete the project details table at the top of the document.

Quick deployment summary

This includes four elements: Figures, highlights, key next actions, and key risks and issues.


There are various useful metrics that can be tracked and shared for any PKB deployment. The specific metrics to share will be dependent on the details of the deployment but fall into 3 main categories.

  • Registrations

    • Patient created this week

    • Patient registered this week

    • How many patient record have been created

    • How many registered

    • How did they register (token, email, NHS login)

    • How many invite letters/texts were sent & from that how many patients registered

    • How often do patients log in.

  • Data

    • Tests

    • Documents

    • Demographics

    • Appointments

  • Usage

    • How many patients have registered in the team

    • What part of their record they are using/looking at etc.

    • How many messages have been sent to and from the team

    • How many questionnaires/care plans have been added and used


  • Any particular positive updates that can be drawn out of the project data for the week.

Key next actions

  • These will be determined and finalised by looking at and discussing the project plan and workstream updates.

Key Risks and Issues

  • The risk or issue descriptions of the most pressing items of that week.