Integration Testing

PKB provides all customers with a Sandbox environment that can be used for integration development, training and testing purposes.

The test environment - is always kept updated with the latest stable version of the PKB software in order to reflect the production environment.

The code is updated at the same time as production to ensure customer testing is not disrupted.

It is important for users to remember that our Sandbox site is a test environment. No user should expect any more security than when using a simple external server. For this reason, we emphasise that real patient data should never be uploaded or entered.

Integration testing support

Whilst PKB is not directly responsible for the testing processes and procedures our customers and partners choose to put in place, we do provide help, support and advice as and when required. The PKB integration team will provide support throughout testing and development; additionally acting as a final point of sign-off to ensure that any development achieves the required objectives and is fit for its intended purpose.

For customers looking to build their testing plans, we do provide some generalised test scripts to aid them in that process. These should be used only as a guide and it's important customers adapt them to fit their own specific processes, governance structures, needs and requirements.