Organisation Team Structure

Patients Know Best was built to scale across teams, organisations and countries using the patient as the integrator. The typical deployment starts with a single team in an organisation using PKB for their clinical staff, the patients these staff use, and the clinical professionals from other organisations looking after these same patients. As the deployment succeeds, other teams in the organisation (for example other departments in the same hospital) begin to adopt PKB for their patients.

This section of the deploy wiki describes the benefits and best practices of organisation-wide deployment. For more information on how to roll out PKB at scale in your Organisation please contact the PKB Success PM.

Where are patients loaded?

  • Patients record are created in The Patient Record Team (PRT)

  • The PRT has no access by default and no professionals are added, meaning any professionals in the Organisation cannot see any data in the patients PKB record until they are added to a speciality team

  • Patient's record get populated with their health care data from the Organisation before they register with their record and before their specialty team get added

Speciality teams

  • Patients get added into speciality teams as these teams go live with PKB in the Organisation

  • Patients can be added to multiple specialty teams

  • Each speciality teams can set their own default consent levels (from general, sexual and mental health as well as social care)

How will the multi-team approach show in terms of patient invites?

  • Patients will receive an email, letter or text message inviting them to register with their PKB record, (either the PRT or a speciality team)

  • When the patient registers they will see all the teams they have already been linked with before their email address was added - The patient gets a walk through of the teams and the default consents for those teams where they have the opportunity to edit this consent.

Where are professionals loaded?

  • Professionals can be uploaded to relevant speciality teams

  • A professional list per speciality will need to be maintained for bulk upload (or they can be manually uploaded in the user interface one by one) They can be uploaded to more than one speciality team due to the multi-team functionality

  • Their passwords can be reset by the coordinator of their speciality team Professionals who want access to a patient, need to bring the patient into the speciality team before they will be able to view the patients record

  • In an emergency professionals can break the glass to see the patients full PKB record

The coordinators

  • The PRT needs to have at least two perminate IT staff as the team coordinators to manage the live site for the Organisation

  • Each speciality team will need to have two coordinator, PKB gives one person the ability to be a coordinator in multiple teams using the same login and password Org level library is managed by the coordinators

Actions for the speciality team coordinators ONLY?

  • Care plans - Once the team has decided which care plans they want to use with their patients, these templates get added by the speciality team coordinators

  • Managing the teams Library

  • Onboarding, deactivating and resetting professionals accounts

Will everyone see the organisation-wide library?

  • The patients will all see as they are part of the PRT

  • The professional would only see it by looking at it through a patient’s record