Keeping Patients Updated

In urgent situations, you may sometimes need to provide one off or ongoing information updates to all of your patients. You can keep them informed and assured that they are following the correct and latest advice, and help them to stay out of hospital, unless truly needed.

Your PKB Success Lead will be able to assist you with conducting the following steps to get your message out:

1. Whilst logged in as a co-ordinator - click the ‘Institution’ tab, followed by the ‘Consent’ subtab, and finally click ‘Download Contact Details’ - More instructions can be found by clicking here.

This will produce a spreadsheet with the contact details of the patients within your PKB team.

2. Send the email addresses from this spreadsheet to your Success Team Memer.

3. PKB can then send a mass mailshot to your patients to explain where they can find your updates. The email explains they can see new updates in their welcome message on their homepage, and in their library, and advises them to check often for new advice rather than contacting your team directly

4. Again logged in as a co-ordinator, you need to then update your team’s welcome message and update your team’s library. The library will be available to every single patient.

Please note, only one team’s welcome message displays for a patient, this is the message of the first PKB team that created their record. This may not be your team, so it’s therefore essential that the library is updated too, so all patients can access your updates.

5. We recommend that the update is shared on a PKB section of your organisation’s website. You then simply need to include the URL of that page in the welcome message, and in the team library. Patients will then always be directed to the latest information.

(Alternatively, you could upload a PDF file in the team library, and link to this in the welcome message, remembering to update the file each time you have an update so patients only have access to the most up to date and relevant information.)

6. From this point on, you simply need to ensure your website is up to date and patients will be able to access updates. As a professional, you can message patients individually within PKB to notify them of each change if you need to ensure a specific patient has seen an update.