Maternity Consultation

Key objectives

To use PKB to facilitate remote communication, by providing patients with a digital Maternity Preappointment questionnaire they can complete at home before their first appointment with the midwife.

Outcome measures

To equip patients with a tool to support self-management of their pregnancy, as well as providing a facility to interact digitally rather than relying on a face to face consultation.

Current Baselines

Patients currently get no information before their first appointment with their midwife, meaning patients are prepared for what the appointment includes.


  1. Team: send patient consultation

  2. PKB: notifies the patient of the consultation

  3. Patient: completes consultation and submits to the team for review

  4. PKB: notifies the team, the consultation has been completed

  5. Team: review in appointments with the patient

Maternity Pre Appointment Questionnaire Consultation Template