Data Exclusions

Whilst PKB strongly encourages the sending of as much patient data as possible via our APIs, we understand there are specific circumstances when it is appropriate to limit what is sent for a specific patient or patient cohort.

It is therefore important to understand that PKB will process the data that is sent in via our APIs by our customers and partners, which will then be added to patient records. If there is a requirement for data not to be added to a patient record, for example the sending of appointments to a patient being detained in prison, then this needs to be excluded by the customer or partner at source. This could for example be achieved by applying a lookup in the TIE (Trust Integration Engine) that identifies such patient records and restricts the messages sent to PKB via our APIs.

It is the responsibility of the integrating customer or partner to establish how such records are identified and subsequently how the sending of data to PKB is restricted. PKB does not provide any processing logic once we have been sent data to then exclude it from a patient record, other than the support for delaying data display for observations (pathology and radiology) and documents.

As explained above, whilst PKB cannot exclude data from being added to patient records on behalf our customers and partners, we would request that you discuss any such considerations with us before applying data exclusions.