Artwork for Live Site Creation

Three images are necessary for setting up a test or live site: a header, a logo and a footer. You can contact the Success Team who will help create and re-size these for you. Below are the guidelines for what the images should look like.


The header is used for the landing page for registration, for the custom landing page for log-in and for the top of each page when the patient is logged in. To create a header, the image should be no wider that 240 pixels and no taller than 60 pixels and ideally the image should have transparent background. Here is an example custom landing page:


The logo is the image that will appear next to your team when a patient views the 'Sharing' or 'Discussions' area of their record. This may be a different image to the header, but also needs to be no wider than 240 pixels and no taller than 60 pixels.


Once the patient is logged in, the footer appears at the bottom of all pages. It is usually equivalent to the letter head at the bottom of a letter from a hospital, so it could include contact details. The footer can also be used for any regulatory instructions. The organisation website may already have something like this at the bottom of their webpages

The footer should be a maximum of 920 pixels wide, and although we don't specify the height the image should be landscape and not take up too much space- you can test this out by uploading it to the test site and logging in as a patient to see how it displays.