Treatment Care Plan

This section of the care plan toolkit has all the care plans created by PKB for health care professionals to use with their patients, following a patient through a course of treatment or recovery. For instance, a daily postoperative care plan where a patient or health care professional can input a patient's in and output and how they are feeling or a physiotherapy rehab program for the patient to follow each week.

Have a look through the templates and let your Success PM know which one your team wants to use with their patients. Any of the care plans in this section can be adapted to suit your patient cohort and team specialty.

What’s contained in a PKB care plan?

PKB will always show any diagnoses, allergies and medications that have been entered in the patient record. The main body of the plan includes an action plan. The action plan can contain information on the patient's care, health goals and advice on monitoring their conditions. (Including video or web links). Key Symptoms and Measurements can also be selected to track and displayed for the patient.

Care plan templates