Integration Starter Form

When entering into scoping requirements for your integration with PKB and gathering and planning it is strongly advised that answers are known to the below questions. The responses received can help identify at an early stage where projects may require additional support from PKB or potentially require further internal discussion. Please complete your Integration Starter Form here. The form will be viewed by your Success PM (within five working days) as part of the completion of the project initiation document (PID) and project management process.

Please note - Partnership projects will generally require a more bespoke set of questions tailored to the specific integration requirements. A process the PKB team will provide support with.

The PKB integration starter form questions

  1. Do you currently have an IT and/or technical integration team assigned to support your PKB project?

  2. Has your integration team got experience in using HL7 and FHIR APIs?

  3. Do you have any large internal IT projects ongoing at the moment or planned for the next 6 months?

  4. Do you have any integrations with your systems at the moment (either internally or externally)?

  5. Do you have a TIE (Trust Integration Engine) and if so which one?

  6. Is it clear what data is required for sending to PKB and does that data currently get pulled into the TIE?

  7. Has your IT / integration team been engaged in the project planning and scoping discussions to date?

  8. Do you have a test environment that can mirror what will be required for production?

  9. Is it clearly understood that PKB does not pull data from our customers and that you will need to send it via our APIs?

  10. Do your patient records have verified NHS numbers (or another national identifier) and reliable / confirmed email addresses?