SMART Goal Template

SMART goals are made up of 5 different components: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-based. Creating good quality SMART goals will help you to define your objectives and ensure that they are clear and achievable to everybody involved.

Each goal you wish to achieve should be detailed in the following areas:

1. Specific

  • What : Start determining a specific, detailed, and focused accomplishment

  • When : Start date

  • Who : Determine the individuals in the team.

  • Why : Remember the exact reason behind achieving goals.

  • Where : The precise place to start the plan.

2. Measurable

How will you quantify and measure the team’s progress?

How will you know when you have accomplished your goal?

3. Achievable

Make sure you set goals that are achievable and not impossible to reach in the time frame you have set.

How will the goal be accomplished? Can you undertake the necessary steps?

4. Relevant

Will the goal meet your needs?

5. Time-Bound

Assign a realistic time frame for when you will achieve your PKB goal.

When will the goal be accomplished?

The Team’s PKB SMART Goals Template

Below is the SMART template you can use to document the team's SMART goals. Please ask your Success PM for a copy to add to your project.

SMART Goal template (organisation)