Managing Emergency Pathways

PKB system configuration

There are many quick changes you may wish to make to the system to help manage emergency situations including:

  1. Instructions for how to keep your patients updated including -

    1. Updating welcome messages.

    2. Creating Library Resources: generic and specialty specific accurate advice.

  2. Care plan additions

    1. These may be related to the digital emergency - such as these COVID-19 specific care plans.

    2. Or in relation to pre-existing conditions condition management.

  3. Communication platform changes to support roll out. This may include:

    1. Initiating a mass creation and mass registration approach to be able to contract patients digitally.

    2. Do pre comms (PKB can send a mass email to patients you have or are going to register to explain the benefits of a digital service) and on going comms via your organisation website (tell them about your use of PKB), to let patients know where you will be getting updates out to them.

Technical configuration

An overview guide can be found here on:

Creating and updating records

Sending test results

Sending appointment data.

Switching Clinical Protocols

Switching clinical protocols to support changing from face to face appointments, to digital/telephone

Supporting Routinised (business as usual) Care