Adding Videos into a Patient's Record

Video can be a powerful way to share information between professionals and patients. Professionals can upload instructional videos for their patients, for example how to use a piece of medical equipment in the home or how to undertake a particular treatment.

Patients can capture real medical scenarios to show to their doctors or nurses - examples could include a seizure occurring in the home environment or perhaps a speech and language exercise being completed.

Ways to share videos

A Care Plan

The specialist team can create a care plan template and embed a video within the plan for patients to view. The team can add the care plan to a patient's record as part of their appointment. A good example is the ‘What is heart failure care plan’ which includes a video from the British Heart Foundation giving patients an explanation of their diagnosis.

The library

Every Specialist team using PKB utilizes the Library to store patient leaflets and videos with information for patients about the service and specialty area. Videos are uploaded by the coordinator of the team and can be seen by all patients, meaning they can access these videos anywhere.


Patients can add videos to the journal section of their record, which enables them to document and observe their health without needing a response from the specialty team looking after them. The journal entry can then be shared with the team at the next appointment or the patient can discuss the entry by creating a message with the team.


The most common use of sending videos between patients and their specialty team is through the Messaging functionality. Patients can send a secure message with a video attachment and the team will get notified by email. This allows the team to respond to the message in a thread and ask questions and give feedback.

If a patient has been asked to share a video with their doctors or nurses, these are the steps to follow.

Would you like your patients to start sending the team videos through PKB?

Patients can send a one off video to the team through the Messaging and Events section of their record. The video can be attached to the secure message for a quick response and back and forth discussion.

If the team would like a patient or carer to update regular videos of the patient's condition (i.e. video of a child seizure/ speech language progress/mental health or dietician diary) these videos should be updated in the Journal section of the patient record and discussed in a message thread.

Carer’s can send a video within the patient record they are carers for, follow these steps to search for a patient's record in your PKB record

The advantages of patient and carers sending videos through PKB

For the patient

  • Videos are sent and received in a secure way

  • Videos are kept in PKB for life and can be accessed by anyone who has access to the record

  • Help get a diagnosis quicker and in a more streamlined manner

  • Feel more in control

For the specialty teams

  • Able to diagnosis quicker

  • Correct diagnosis, not going off person accounts

  • Saves unnecessary hospital appointments

  • Ability to start treatment faster