Consultation Toolkit

The consultation feature in PKB allows patients to complete any forms, surveys or questionnaires (collectively called 'Consultations' in PKB). These can be switched on or off for specific teams and can be sent to whole patient cohorts or individually. The output of these forms can be aggregated and anonymised and is available via the API or as a CSV download.

Some of the teams using the Consultation feature in PKB need patients to fill in consultations periodically, in some cases these are pre-appointment assessments, and so the teams use the welcome message to signpost to the resource.

Key Features

  • Send consultations to all patients (ie quality of life questionnaire)

  • Send consultations to an individual patient, (ie before a clinical appointment giving a clinician more information about a person's health and lifestyle)

  • Download a spreadsheet report containing the responses to a consultation. The report can be anonymised by National Identifier, Organisation level IDs, or both

What's included: