Post Training Emails

PKB delivers training to each of it's sites in many different forms; group training members of the team together, one to one training either in person or virtually via screenshare, or even a "train the trainer" approach as has been adopted by some of our larger deployments.

These training sessions nearly always begin with a run through of the patient account before moving on to focus on the specific role(s) those being trained will be responsible for. There is often a lot of material covered in a short period of time, and although we allow plenty of time for questions it is always useful to have something to refer back to.

PKB has standard post-training email templates to be tailored to each session referencing what has been covered and sign-posting useful pages in our help documentation as well as the next steps for the project and the test site details for the teams to practice with.

Example post-training emails are shown below

General email

Dear [name],

It was my pleasure to speak you today and take you on a tour of Patients Know Best (PKB). We went through the [patient/professional/coordinator] portal[s] giving you a small insight into what it can do.

Here is the link to the Patients Know Best website, there is a short video through the patient's portal which would be worth you viewing.

As we discussed, the logins for the [team] test site are as follows:

First click on this link:

Patient : [username] [password]

Professional : [username] [password]

Coordinator : [username] [password]

Please note that you can only have one session of PKB logged in at one time so you will need to log out of one role before logging into another.

Remember this is a test site so feel free to 'play' and add stuff - this is the best way to learn and you can't break it! Ideally, if you can think of a scenario/case that you can work through as a team on the test patients records that would be great, you will really get a feel for how it will work for you and your patients. However, please don't add any genuine demographic or medical information to the site as it can be seen by other professionals who are also using the site to practice in the same way as you.

Below are the key features I think the team should practice on before you start working with your patients on PKB:

There is also the help tab, this is PKB's online wiki with useful aids when you can't quite remember how to do something or if you need technical help.

Please do not hesitate to contact me anytime if you have questions or need further assistance.

Best wishes,

[PKB Success name]

Professional specific

Your Homepage

  1. Discussion page - View all messages you are involved in, send messages

  2. Schedule - Put in your shifts, out of office when away

  3. Team - send messages to members of the team, without involving any patients

  4. Search for a patient

Pt Summary page

  • Create plans

  • View the patient record

Discussion Tab

  • Write your summary care notes

  • Send a message to the patient

  • Welcome message to the patient include members of the team

  • Add any of the team or Next-of-Kin to the message to the patient

Health Tab

  • Medical staff to complete with the patients when they get admitted

  • Measurements and Labs to be recorded and viewed as a graph

  • Symptoms, for the patient to track over time

Treatment Tab

  • Care plans to be created and viewed by team

  • Medications to be added by team and patient

  • Library of information for the patients


  • Journal entries can be used for food diary, mood diary etc

  • Photos can be added



  • Staff can add family or friends to the PKB record

  • They can view other professionals attached to the record

  • Individual professional can be invited into the record, ie GP

Coordinator specific

It was great to be able to go through the coordinator training with you yesterday.

I am sending you this email just to briefly recap, this is what we covered in our session so that you can understand the features that your team will be using. We covered lots but the highlighted features are the key features covered

You already have the test account coordinator details but I have enclosed them again as a reminder

First click on this link:

For the Coordinator enter:



Please don't add any genuine demographic or medical information to the site as it can be seen by other professionals at other institutions who are also using the site to practice in the same way as you. Also, whilst logged in as a coordinator, you should feel free to open and look at any care plans or surveys and library links, please don't delete or alter them as these are working documents for other departments. Looking at them is helpful to give you an idea of what we could put on the site for your team

Don't forget the help tab, that I showed you as well - these are really useful aids when you can't quite remember how to do something and need technical help (open them as soon as you login they have separate tabs).