Patient Journey

When considering how PKB can be used in your service it is often useful to start with the current workflow within the team as well as the challenges it faces. Once you map out the patient journey it may be easier to see which processes can quickly be transferred to PKB e.g. care planning, messaging and appointment letters. These are great place to start as a proof of concept before expanding to features that are newer territory for the team but may well satisfy criteria for new targets.

The patient timeline

  • How are patients referred into the service? From where?

  • How long are patients commonly with your service?

  • Where do the patients go after discharge from your service?

  • How often do you see your patients? How many of these routine appointments require a physical examination

  • Which tests and investigations do your patients normally undergo?

Patient cohort

  • Do you have any paediatric patients or patients of reduced capacity that would rely on carer interaction?

  • What is the current technical literacy of your patient cohort?

Patient resources and interaction

  • How do you currently communicate with patients?

  • Do you send out a lot of material and letters through the post?

  • Are you using any care plans with your patients currently?

Service challenges and opportunities

  • Do you have to gather any PROMS and PREMS data periodically?

  • What are the key targets set for the department? Are you eligible for further funding tied to the use of patient portals?