I already have access to GP online access, why do I need this?

PKB is designed to share data from ALL sources including data from secondary care (hospitals), social care, voluntary sector organisations, and data added by you. This means that not only do you get access to the GP resources within the NHS App but it builds on this to provide you with a much more comprehensive health and care record all in one place.

PKB also provides you with the ability to add your own data through the NHS App, even if not much is being shared with you, including:-

  • Tracking your symptoms and your measurements

  • Adding all your appointments

  • Add all your medications and test results to track in one place

  • Creating your own library of resources

  • Create a journal to monitor your progress and share with your clinician

The more data you add, the more useful your PKB record is to your clinicians. Here’s where you can find out how to access all parts of PKB via the NHS App

What are the benefits of registering for Patients Know Best via the NHS App?

Accessing PKB via the NHS App provides a single front door to log into. Once logged in you have access to a more comprehensive personal health record by including extra important data within the app, including, secondary care, mental health and social care data (where these organisations have shared this to your PKB record) including:-

  • Access to appointments and appointment letters

  • Access to care plans with your clinical team or create your own

  • A library of relevant resources from your clinical team

  • Access to test results to manage your health

Will I need any documents to sign up?

You will need to use your NHS login. If you have not already got an NHS login, you will need one of the following documents to set this up:

  • a passport

  • a UK driving licence (full or provisional)

  • a European driving licence (full)

  • a European national identity card

Can I use the same email address as my partner/spouse to create an account?

No, NHS login and your PKB login requires a different email address for each NHS patient.

What parts of PKB are accessible from the NHS App?

Patients can access a number of areas of their PKB record from within the NHS App including Events & Messages, Appointments, Medicines, Plans, Tests, Symptoms, Measurements, Journal & Library pages, and can use NHS login’s encrypted single sign-on to do so.

This option is currently only available to users on a regional basis where the region has specified that PKB is their Personal Health Record (PHR) provider. This allows patients to access the same PHR data inside the NHS App interface, for a more seamless and joined-up NHS experience. For more information click here

Are there age restrictions for PKB/NHS App?

If a patient is aged 13 or over, they can claim or create a PKB record using NHS login, however if the patient is under 13, PKB are unable to determine whether the user is mature enough to claim their account and will therefore prevent them from doing so. These patients will see a warning message when they try to access PKB from the NHS App which reads 'You are too young to register: Patients must be 13 or over to register for this service (Patients Know Best) using their NHS login.'

Patients under 13 will need to be invited to claim their record by a healthcare professional who can assess whether they have sufficient maturity and capacity to make decisions relating to their health care. If a professional has already given the patient access, they can use NHS login to access their record.

How do I know my data is secure?

Patients Know Best is connected with the NHS network, so it’s just as secure as the information your healthcare providers already hold on you. However, it's unique because it also gives you, the patient, access to your information via any web-enabled device. Patient information is encrypted (or coded) so that only those people with consent to view your information can do so. We encrypt data in both transit (i.e. when the information comes in and out) and storage.

Why have I been invited to register for PKB by one Trust/organisation but the logo and welcome message refer to another Trust/organisation?

If you have been a patient at more than one Trust/Organisation then your PKB record may have been created by one Trust/Organisation (their logo and welcome message will be seen in your record) but you may be invited to register for your PKB record by another Trust/Organisation. It is important that when this happens you go to the Sharing tab and check which Trusts/Organisations you are sharing your PKB record with.