Creating a webpage


Creating a dedicated page or section about PKB on your website or intranet is a great way to actively engage both patients and healthcare professionals. Online information can be easily referenced in other communications (i.e. on social media, in articles and promotional literature such as posters or leaflets etc), and can also be swiftly updated as the deployment evolves, so that everyone always has access to the latest information and guidance.

The sample content below can be used to create your webpage. If you would like any support designing a page for your website or intranet, please get in touch with your PKB Project Manager who will be happy to supply any appropriate links and resources.

Sample Webpage content

PKB Comms Tookit - Website content and FAQs for Patients and Carers

Example PKB Webpages

Example: The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust included the link to their PKB webpage on the rolling banner on their website homepage to help patients find out more information easily.

Example: St Patrick's Mental Health Services, Ireland

St Patrick's Mental Health Services directed Service Users directly to PKB (known locally for them as Your Portal) on their website home page AND navigation bar. They have also included a video showing clearly what's available to their users in their Record.

Ensuring a link to PKB is on every page allows patients easy access to log in

Example: The Care Information Exchange, North West London

The Care Information Exchange programme in North West London has created a mini site within their website where the log in option at the top of the page points straight to the PKB log in page, re-designed with the organisation's own branding.

Custom Log-in Screens

We can create a customised login screen to match your artwork header and footer on your webpage so that a patient logging in doesn't feel like they are being taken away from the Trust website and logging into a third party system. Speak to your PKB Project Manager to get this set up.

Examples of how this would look are shown below:

The Care Information Exchange (CIE) uses a custom log in screen that works well on mobile devices.

The My Health and Care Record (East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust's (ESHT) project name for PKB) also has their own custom log-in screen.

CIE Mobile view ESHT Web browser view

Example: Physiotherapy service, Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust

The Physiotherapy service in South Devon hosts a page on the trust's website detailing how the service is using PKB for appointment bookings and pre-appointment assessment questionnaires.

The page contains FAQs as well as step-by-step instructions on how to register and request an appointment, supported with clear screenshots. The hyperlinks to create an account/ register as a new user point to the team-specific registration page and the button marked "Already registered? Login into your Patients Know Best account", takes the user to the standard log in screen at