Recommended roles/resources

Programme and/or Project Manager

The customer project team will work in conjunction with departmental managers, professional leaders, senior clinicians and their teams as well as PKB to coordinate, oversee and deliver the trust and/or regional level PKB deployment. This is a key role that requires an attention to detail but also an ability to see ‘the big picture’ and involves collaboration with stakeholders from various departments.


  • Form strong working relationships across key groups of individuals

  • Ensure effective and timely involvement and engagement of colleagues and departments

  • Problem solving and risk and issue management

  • Ensuring the smooth delivery of the project within agreed timelines

  • Reporting to the project board

Org Level Clinical Engagement Lead and Team PKB Champions

This individual will be responsible for overseeing the ‘Clinical Transformation’ workstream as well as other clinically led tasks alongside the Project Manager. The two will work closely together to set up the foundations for the continued use of PKB, setting up the organisation's PKB production site, and support the hospital to identify the first 3 clinical teams to use PKB. Ideally with some project management and clinical experience.

This key person will gain a deep understanding of the process of deploying PKB, and will be able to conduct clinical team-level rollouts independently after PKB has led and supported the first three. Ongoing support from PKB will be provided to this person in the form of advice, escalation of any product issues, evaluation and updates on the usage metrics for each team.

This role could be held by a member of a clinical engagement or digital transformation team.


  • Oversight and planning of the roll out of PKB to the specialty teams including:

  • Tracking teams’ use of PKB and working with them to consistently improve it

  • Supporting/nurturing the clinical engagement with the use of PKB within the organisation

  • Leading the clinical transformation workstreams involved with rolling out PKB at scale

  • Working collaboratively with the leads of the other workstreams

  • Supporting the development of training materials for staff and customers

  • Develop, organise, update, and implement changes to departmental procedural manuals

  • Supporting with the creation of PKB content, workflows and how a team is going to use PKB

  • Setting SMART goals with each specialty team and track the progress of these goals

Information Governance Lead

This person will be responsible for setting up the information governance (IG) for the organisation and managing the IG workstream at the beginning of the project. Work closely with the Project Manager to ensure IG timelines are in line with the project timelines.

This role is usually held by a member of the existing IG team in the organisation.


  • Ensuring completion of the organisation’s DPIA with regard to the use of PKB

  • Working with the IG team at PKB to ensure an understanding and sign off of any and all relevant IG documentation

Integrations Lead/Team

The Integration Lead will manage the ‘Record Creation and Integrations’ workstream provided by PKB and complete the necessary integrations between PKB and the Organisation. They work closely with the Project Manager to ensure integration timelines are in line with overall project timelines.

This role is usually held by an existing member of the organisations’ integrations team.


  • Ensuring the programmatic creation of PKB records

  • Ensuring the required data (demographics/lab results/letters/appts) flow into PKB

Communications Lead/Team

To work with the PKB Customer Communications Lead and other teams within PKB to provide a communications plan to support the implementation of PKB within the organisation. Work closely with the Project Manager to ensure comms timelines are in line with the project timelines.

This role is usually held by an existing member of the communication and/or marketing team within the organisation.


  • Manage the Communications Plan (in line with the Project Plan) for both internal and external communication supporting and informing the roll out of PKB across the Trust, stakeholders and patients

  • Engage with the local media to raise awareness of PKB in the local area

  • Design and produce comms materials to support the PKB communications campaign

  • Produce and maintain a webpage to inform patients of PKB and how they can register

  • Run regular social media campaigns to promote PKB and encourage patients to register for their PKB record

  • Support the clinical teams with their communications for patients and based on outcomes write case studies to highlight this

  • Support the ongoing sustainability of PKB by continuing to promote and communicate PKB widely, starting to use outcomes and benefits realised to demonstrate use of a Patient Held Records.

PKB Training lead/Team

This person or team will work in partnership with the customer Project Manager, Org Level Clinical Engagement Lead and Team Champions to deliver PKB training to end-users. They are responsible for the development and delivery of training programmes to maintain a motivated and skilled user group for the organisation.

This role is usually held by a member of the project team or existing training team within the Organisation.


  • Understanding the PKB software and remaining up to date with any changes to it

  • Ensuring that any and all staff using PKB are trained and confident to do so.

Support Lead/team

To be available for any patient enquiries, ideally set up with an email address and phone number that can be managed.

This role is usually held by a member of the organisations’ existing patient support team/call centre team/PALS team.


  • Managing patient enquiries

  • Liaising with the PKB support team to ensure seamless support for the organisation’s PKB users

Change management Lead/Team

To support the organisation and teams to set goals for their use of PKB, design new pathways and support the clinical team rollout of the new patient pathways. The lead/team puts processes in place to make sure the pathways are understood and followed and resulting in PKB becoming business as usual.


  • Writing, achieving and evaluating goals

  • Method of improving process and pathway design

  • Support the implementation of technology process changes

  • Detailed planning and implementation of all change management in rolling out PKB at scale

  • Gathering data, taking corrective action/s and recognising results

  • Writing new goals at the end of the rollout and getting new outcomes

  • Potential of achieving cost savings, reduce DNAs, and PIFU pathways, and improve patient outcomes