Surgical Teams

Surgical teams across the UK use PKB to follow patients through each phase of their operation from preoperative, consent to postoperative care.

The idea behind deploying PKB is to streamline the process for everyone. Keeping all data in one place, saving time and money for the Organisation and giving the patient information and knowledge so they can self manage postoperatively.

Current Problems

  • Long waiting lists

  • Long face to face pre-operative appointments

  • All assessments and consents are on paper

  • Paper forms still being sent out to patients (not always received in a timely manner)

  • Clinical teams want patients to have access to data

  • No digital consent

  • Postoperative care disjointed

PKB Solution

  • Patients have access to their data

  • Patients register with PKB and get added to the surgical team preoperatively

  • Patients feel empowered to make the best decisions about managing their care

  • Preoperative care can be delivered digitally

  • Digital consent forms

  • Team and patient have access to the latest blood/test results, clinical letters, discharge summaries

  • Automate questionnaires sent to patients pre and post-operatively based on triggers from the organisation


  • Patients added to the correct surgical team on PKB using the “add to teams" solution

  • Patients are sent a preoperative questionnaire to fill in before the appointment, meaning reduced time in the appointment

  • Saving time and money

  • Patients have access to preoperative information in the library

  • Patients can follow correct exercise plans pre-surgery

  • Digital consent that is editable and sharable

  • Once a patient has had surgery, postoperative information will be available to the patient immediately on discharge

  • Postoperative care can be delivered through PKB

  • Questionnaires can be triggered out to the patient

  • Reduced post-surgery infections

Pre and Post-operative workflow

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