Adding a Parent or Guardian


Organisations can give carers access to a patient’s record on behalf of the patient. This helps look after the patient, and the added support from carers, can increase appointment attendance, medication compliance and patient engagement. For children, giving the parents or guardians correct carer access is critical for the health of the child.

To add a carer, the carer must first register as a patient in PKB. Then the organisation must check what permission they ought to have access to in the patient’s record e.g. what the patient has explicitly asked for (if the patient had capacity) or who the appropriate parent is (if the child’s parents are separated). The professional or coordinator can then give the registered user ‘carer access’ to the patient’s record.


A carer can be central to the patient’s health care record and ongoing care using PKB to :

  • View the patient’s medical information

  • Participate in their care by being able to view their test results and see advice from the healthcare professional in the Care Plans on what actions or steps to take when the patient is feeling ill

  • Message the patient’s healthcare professionals, either as well as or on behalf of the patient

  • Share the patient’s medical information with other relevant professionals who are involved in their care as and when is needed

  • Have the ability to carry the patient’s electronic health record with them to be able to access anytime, anywhere


Registering as a carer in the UK

  1. Go to

  2. Click Register

3. Click on the option for UK residents to ‘Register using NHS login’

4. Enter your email address into NHS login followed by your password and you will be sent a One Time Password to your mobile phone, (if you do not have an NHS login, you will be directed through the process to create one).

5. You will see a registration form to complete. The form requires you to set up a password and security question for your PKB account, enter your address, and to accept both the User Agreement & Privacy Policy for PKB.

6. Complete the form and click next to log into PKB with your NHS login.

Parent/Guardian Access Workflow