Online Course

PKB has built a library of online courses using the Lessonly system; the lessons are designed to be taken by anyone new to using PKB, whether that is our own new staff or users in our deployments.

To preview the lessons designed for our customers to train them on the PKB user interface, please click on the following links:

Coordinator users | Professional users | Patient user

The lessons are designed to be bite-sized- taking around 5 minutes each and addressing a couple of features at a time in any of the roles within PKB. The lessons are very structured, starting with a recap of the key points that will have been covered in the training received from the PKB Customer Success Team directly.

In the preview above you can not answer the questions in the lesson but you are able to see the structure. If you or anyone in your team would like to test your knowledge using the lessons then please share with your Success Team contact the email addresses of the participants and we will assign the appropriate lessons to you and your team.

At the end of the lesson, the user's knowledge is then assessed, answering 5 or so multiple-choice or free-text questions which are automatically scored and feedback is given. PKB has set each of these lessons with a "pass" threshold of 100%. PKB view the responses submitted by each user to identify gaps in knowledge which can be addressed by the Customer Success contact for the site.

Below is an example multiple choice question as well as the "report card" showing correct or incorrect, question number, question, the response given and the correct answer.

Depending on the role the user is adopting within PKB they can expect that the full course they will complete will comprise of up to 10 lessons for them to work through, promoting independent learning and consolidation of the knowledge gleaned from the direct training sessions, or simply acting as a refresher for existing functionality or an introduction to new functionality as we roll it out. Once lessons have been assigned to your team you have one month to complete the course and it's constituent lessons.

PKB will continually develop new lessons over time so please do discuss this with your PKB Success team contact who can assign you the relevant lessons and take feedback.