Professional Functionalities

A professional account is held by anyone in the team who give direct patient/service user care, who wants access to content within the patient record. They have the ability too:

  • search for a patient and view their PKB record

  • viewing data, ie blood results, care plans and symptoms tracker by the patient

  • adding data into the patient record, ie a care plan

  • sending secure messages to patients and other healthcare professionals involved in the patients care

This role is held by any member of the team looking after patients/service users.

All tabs

  • My account - Update Profile / Update your demographics such as Name, Gender, Address, etc... Go here to edit profile. To save any changes you must input your password.

  • My account - Change Password - You can change password and update your security question here.

  • My account - Select a different language - Select a language from the dropdown menu to automatically translate the standing text. Please note freetext (i.e discussions) are not translated.

  • Help - A link to our online help pages.

Home page

  • Add patient - Invites a patient to the team, will create an account for the patient unless the identifiers are already in use - in which case the patient will receive an invitation to join this team (and the patient will appear underneath the activated patient list until they accept)

  • Search for a patient by ID/DOB/Name

  • Go - Clicking the 'Go' button loads a list of all patients, displaying in alphabetical order by surname.

  • Enter Patient Record - Click the patient's name to enter their record.

  • Send Message - Send a message to a patient

  • Start Consultation - Send a consultation to a patient

  • Remind to Register - If a patient has been invited to register to PKB but had not yet completed the registration process, a professional user can 'Remind' them to do so by resending the invitation email.

  • Reset Password - If a patient has forgotten their password they can use our 'Forgot Your Password?' feature. However, if they also forget their security question they will be unable to do this. A professional user can reset a patient's password in this instance by using this feature.

  • Notifications - This area displays the subject of the last five discussion message or appointments received, and provides a shortcut link to view them.

Discussions tab

  • Send message - Send a message to patients, colleagues, and carers. For more information on discussions please click here.

  • Start consultation - Send a consultation to patients. For more information click here.

  • Call patient - Conduct an audio or video consultation with a patient via skype - Please note the patient's Skype ID must have been included on their record to use this feature. For more information click here.

  • Filter Discussions - By default all discussions are listed. Use the filter options to only few the discussions of a particular patient over a set period of time.

  • View a discussion

  • Reply to a discussion

  • Attach a document to a discussion

  • Hand over a discussion

  • Add contacts to a discussion

  • Leave discussion

  • View discussion activity timeline

Monitoring tab

  • View patients who have breached symptom thresholds - If a team Co-ordinator has set up symptom tracking for patients, a list of patients will be displayed here showing those patients who have breached the pre-determined 'Amber' threshold, and those who have breached the 'Red' threshold. For more information on symptom tracking please click here.

Plans tab

  • Download export of care-plan data - If a coordinator has chosen to export care plan data, the downloadable care plan responses will appear for the professional user under this tab. Click on download link to get CSV spreadsheet that contains the care-plan data on the date of export.

Consultations tab

  • Send Consultation Use this feature to start a mass consultation and send out a questionnaire to all patients. (Feature

  • Download Consultation Reports - Download a spreadsheet report containing the responses of a consultation. The report can be anonymised by National Identifier, Organisation level IDs, or both.

Schedule tab

  • Days Out of Office - Select the dates you are out of office. Users can select individual dates or 'fast tick' any day of the week for the upcoming 6 months. If a professional user is out of office and a user tries to message them, the date they will return is shown in brackets next to their name when viewed whilst creating that message.

  • View Appointments - As a professional user, view the appointments you have with your patients as highlighted dates on a calendar, and as a list.

Team tab

  • View colleague contact details and send messages.

  • View previous patients & ask for access again if needed - View a list of any patients who have been discharged or who have chosen to stop sharing their record with the team .Professional can ‘Ask for access’ again, using this feature sends a request for access by email to a patient. The professional can include a message explaining the reason for the request.

  • Pending invitations - View outgoing and incoming pending invitations.

Within a Patient record

  • Entries in a PKB record can be categorised as General, Social, Mental, or Sexual Health. As a professional user, view the categories of the patient's record they have chosen to share with you on the summary page. Also included on the summary page are other key areas of the record and shortcuts to view them in more detail.

  • View data - You will only be able to see data entries with the privacy labels applied that you have been granted access to.

  • Edit data - You will only be able to edit data entered by your organisation

  • Add data - Clinical data such as allergies, audio files, diagnoses, measurements, genome sequences etc can all be added to relevant areas of the patient's record

  • Delete data - You will only be able to edit data entered by your organisation

  • Create a plan - A shortcut to create a care plan for a patient.

  • Add a library link to the patient's personal library

  • Freeze/Unfreeze Record - This feature allows a professional user to freeze paediatric patient record,s preventing any further sharing of the record in necessary situations (e.g patient lacks capacity)

  • Discharge If a patient is no longer under the care of a professional, they can use this feature to discharge the patient. The patient will now appear in the 'Past Patients' list.

  • Add carers, teams or individual clinicians on behalf of the patient to the patient record.

For further information and a how to guide please see our Manual site.