Email Notifications

PKB will send notifications to users via email when there is activity in their account. The email sent is specific for the logged-in user type, e.g. patient, professional, the activity being performed and the language preference of the user.

Email notifications are sent from

Email notifications to patients and carers

Patients are notified immediately about important data added to their record, for all other data PKB throttles the notifications so only one email notification is sent each day.

Carers also receive email notifications about changes to a patient's record. This is so that a carer can keep up to date with the patient's health and respond on behalf of the patient.

For more information about the email notifications sent to patients and carers, please read our manual. The full text of emails sent to patients and carers can be found here.

Email notifications to professionals

Professionals are notified when they receive a message from a patient, are added or removed from a team or receive an invitation. For more information about the email notifications sent to professionals, please read our manual.

Automatic CC is a feature that allows teams to automatically receive secure messages as a group rather than as individuals. For teams who have this feature enabled, everyone in the team who is contactable receives a copy of the message. The feature is being piloted at the moment. If a team is interested in this feature, please speak to the customer success team.

Personalise email notifications

Organisations can add custom text or a logo to the email notifications sent by Patients Know Best (PKB) to their patients and professionals. This is an extension of PKB’s white labelling functionality.

Adding an organisation’s logo or text can make email notifications more familiar for patients and highlight their importance.

The logo and text will appear at the bottom of any email notifications sent when that organisation adds data to records or when invites are sent. The orange box in the image below shows where these appear.

We recommend using a logo around 240x 60 pixels. The logo should not be bigger than 600 pixels.

The text can be up to 1000 characters long but we’d advise keeping this text short for usability reasons. Links can be added too if required.

If an organisation adds custom footer text to their email notifications, the PKB signature (logo and contact details - see image below) will no longer appear in email notifications for the organisation. This applies for organisation footer text only, not footer images.

This allows organisations to have their own first line support for users in their organisation. If preferred, the PKB support desk contact details can be added to the custom footer text.

If an organisation would like to add their own footer text or footer image, the PKB success team can set this up for an organisation.