Specialty Areas

Patients Know Best (PKB) helps clinical teams of all specialities deliver care to their patients, with the use of secure messaging, care plans, consultations and gives patients the ability to view their health care data in their own Personal Health Record.

Within this section, PKB will share how teams are using PKB in different disease areas and the workflows used to support the patient pathways.

For support in creating a new patient pathway, please contact your Success PM.

Specialty areas:

How PKB can be used in different clinical settings to improve patient outcomes and supporting them to better self-manage their condition while also saving Trusts money and saving clinicians time. Each page includes workflows, content used by the team and case studies.

  • Cancer: coming soon

  • Cardiology: used in heart failure and high blood pressure teams

  • Consent: improving informed consent before a procedure or operation

  • Dermatology: improving clinical pathways for Dermatology patients

  • Diabetes: can be used is prevention, early diagnoses and treatment

  • Education: how to deploy the next generation of medication staff

  • Gastroenterology: patients track and monitor their IBD condition

  • Maternity: giving parents access to care plans and data

  • Mental health: coming soon

  • Orthopaedics: used in pre and post-operative, physio and rheumatology

  • Paediatrics: giving parents access to their child data and team

  • Remote care anywhere: various remote consultation tools can be used by the NHS

  • Renal: The UK Kidney Association partnership allows patients access to their previous and future renal data in PKB

  • Sexual Health: reducing clinic appointments and improving patient experience

  • Surgical Teams: how to use PKB in both pre and post-operative care.