Training ToolKit

Creating in-house PKB experts

We know that healthcare professionals drive the success of a patient portal. For a patient, their care team telling them about PKB is a more powerful message than one we can ever give. We are lucky to work with incredible, visionary healthcare professionals as customers and many of whom have become colleagues, who use our system and guide us to improve it. The training workstream is where we plan and deliver our commitment to training these users, via in-person sessions, online sessions, providing a train-the-trainer model, or with our free online resource for testing knowledge and which can be used as a reference in the future.

Organisation training

For Organisation/Trust-wide and population-wide deployments, PKB uses the 'train-the-trainer' approach. The Organisation/Trust will need to identify staff to become PKB superusers/trainers and PKB will train them to become expert users of the platform. The Training team/trainer will then be able to roll out the training to all the clinical and admin staff that will use PKB.

PKB provides Face-to-Face (F2F) training for Training teams/trainer and either F2F or remote training via Skype or Google meet screen sharing software for any professional and coordinator users. The training can be delivered to groups or at one-to-one sessions as required.

We estimate that initial training team/trainer training will take four hours - possibly separated into 2 hour sessions over two days depending on staff availability.

The training team/trainer will be fully trained (using a test site) on how to use PKB as a patient, professional, and coordinator and will receive tips and ideas on how to train others in PKB use. They will receive full support from a PKB Success project manager throughout their time in this role including regular meetings, and any refresher/top-up training for themselves that are necessary. The Success project manager will accompany and support the training team/trainer during the first training sessions they run.

We estimate the professional training will take approximately 1 hour for the training team/trainer to deliver to the staff, a test site will be provided by PKB for this training.

All professionals being trained by the training team/trainer will be shown the patient portal in order to view how PKB appears from the patient perspective as well as the professional perspective and they will be able to practice on a test site using a test patient and professional post their training.

PKB will provide full ongoing support to the training team/trainer during training and post “go-live” date. PKB will keep the trainers updated of any upgrades and new features during regular meetings and calls and support them to resolve any potential issues. This will be done through our dedicated Success Team Operative. We will also provide continual support to all users of the software via our customer service desk.