Mass registration of patients by home letter

For other ways of registering patients, see the registration page.

You can register a patient using their home address to verify their identity. This is highly scalable allowing you to register lots of patients simultaneously through a mass mailing.

You can either generate these letters yourself, or you can work with your outsourced mailing company such as Synertec. For more information, please contact your PKB team for advice.

Registration steps

  1. Each patient receives a letter at their home address. The letter has registration instructions and customised registration codes.
  2. The user starts registration by visiting - the website details are provided in the letter.
  3. The user enters the date of birth of the patient's record. This date is not included in the letter, so this is a check that the person receiving the letter knows the patient's date of birth.
  4. The user enters the invite code and activation code from the letter. The codes decrypt the patient's record, allowing the person registering to see the record.
  5. The user enters an email address, password and security question.
  6. PKB sends a confirmation message to the email address of the user.
  7. The user clicks the link in the confirmation message, linking the address to the patient's record.
  8. The user can log into PKB with this email address and password to see their record.

The letter

PKB Template for patient invitation letter

Best practices

  1. Include a QR code linking to You can use sites like
  2. Describe the benefits your local use of PKB will deliver to patients e.g. "you can now see your appointment letters and laboratory test results".
  3. Cover the common privacy questions, including GDPR-compliance, of using PKB with NHS data.
  4. Use a photograph and signature of a local clinical professional.