To see data in PKB, a user must register with PKB. The registration process includes verifying the identity of the user i.e. that the email address belongs to the person who is supposed to have access to the records.

For patients, mass registration is the best route for identity verification - it is the fastest and cheapest way to get lots of patients onto PKB. So, it is the fastest way to get a return on your investment on working with patients.

If you have separately verified the identity of a patient against their digital contact details you can register your patients most quickly. Using verified email addresses is easiest and cheapest as it only involves ths creation of a spreadsheet to upload to PKB:

Verified phone numbers are the next most preferable option as they have a high uptake rate and are cheap:

  • Mass registration with verified SMS number

Postal letter invites are slower than email or texts, and more costly, but are a proven mechanism to invite patients:

Kiosks can also be effective however come with a setup cost. For organisations that already use kiosks they are an effective option:

Finally face-to-face registration is always possible. This requires no technical solution but is more time consuming:

Note that when mass-registering patients steps can be taken that excludes safeguarding patients.

For professionals, single sign-on (SSO) with the internal electronic medical records system's credentials is the best route - it's easiest for the user, which drives usage, delivering a return on your investment in the shared care record.

This page describes in details how our APIs can automate SSO Single Sign-on

An example is the primary care record system EMIS: